Living with a Volvo S90

Volvo has come a long way from the days when the Swedish company was seen as sensible and safe. Now their image is just a bit more Abba than Ikea. So, here we are, looking at one the most handsome luxury saloons on the market, and it’s a Volvo, the latest S90.

The cabin is also a style-fest, with a huge touchscreen dominating the dashboard, with echoes of Tesla. Sadly, the theory and looks are sound but the execution leaves something to be desired. It’s hard to swipe or pinch accurately on the move so you might well resort to the voice activation – but that works about as often as an adult telling a teenager to do something. 

However, there is no doubting the quality and style of the latest cabin. Even in Momentum trim there is a great deal of luxury – we’re assuming this isn’t based on the Momentum movement otherwise the cabin would be bare apart from hard chairs. As it is, it has some of the most comfortable seating that offers a superb level of support. 

Comfort is definitely the watchword when it comes to the journey too. The handling is soft but fairly well controlled, so there is a good balance between handling and ride. For executives covering the miles, this is all solidly good news so far. 

Volvo has gone out on a bit of a limb and said it will only make four-cylinder engines. Which means the 2.0-litre diesel in our S90 can’t quite match the silky delivery of a six-pot but even so Volvo engines seem to be getting smoother and smoother. There’s a sense that Volvo is constantly refining its products and getting those refinements into production without making a big song and a dance about it. – we thought the suspension seemed better than earlier versions too. 

According to Volvo, our S90 should be able to achieve 64.2mpg but we can’t see how. We’re averaging about 40mpg and, while the engine may not be fully run in, we can’t see a 50% efficiency saving coming along. 

In theory the S90 can be had for…

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