Leslie Jones’s Twitter Makes Her the De Facto Olympics Fashion Critic (Again)


Leslie Jones, shown here at the BET Awards last year, tweeted about Johnny Weir’s matching hairstyle in her Olympics commentary.

C Flanigan/Getty Images

Laura Kumin was watching the Winter Olympics on Sunday night when the Italian figurer skater Matteo Rizzo appeared on the ice in a black jumpsuit with gold braiding across his chest. “I was thinking, ‘Oh my God. What about that outfit?’” she said. As she often does while watching television, she checked Twitter and saw that Leslie Jones, the “Saturday Night Live” star who is live tweeting the Olympics for NBC, had the same reaction.

Ms. Jones has emerged as the Olympics’ anti-announcer, funny and often salty, especially when it comes to the fashion, which, at its best, can be daring, and, its worst, well, she has her views.

“He looks like the Nutcracker,” Ms. Jones said of Mr. Rizzo in her spoken commentary, which often accompanies the phone video clips of the NBC broadcast. “I don’t like it.”

Nothing escapes her sharp eye: not black gloves, not a skating pair in checkers (“I don’t even really know how to express the hate that I have”), not even her and Johnny Weir’s matching hairstyles. And she does it all while watching from home on her television and, sometimes, her laptop too. “She’s not a fashion expert, and she is not holding herself out to be,” said Melissa Rivers, the former host of E’s “Fashion Police.” “She takes all the haughtiness…

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