Legal Talk Network Releases Third Episode of The Hit New Podcast, Make No Law

Make No Law: The First Amendment Podcast

The positive response has been overwhelming and wonderful

Legal Talk Network is excited to announce that Make No Law is its most popular launch since the start of the network 12 years ago. Make No Law is a podcast that explores the background of important First Amendment cases, launched in conjunction with the popular First Amendment blog The feedback on the new podcast has been incredible; listeners are entertained, finding the show accessible and creative.

In December of 2016, Ken White, founder of and the creator and host of Make No Law, approached Legal Talk Network looking to partner in the creation of his new podcast about free speech and First Amendment issues. He said at the time, “My aim, as with my writing, is to make complex legal subjects accessible, interesting, and meaningful to current events.”

Legal Talk Network’s team was very interested. They decided to invest in additional production, adding voice actors, scoring original music, and creating sound effects to bring the stories to life. The result has been a show that’s topical, informative, and exciting to listen to for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

The response has been enormous. Fans have been discussing their favorite moments on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit since the launch. The already large audience of the blog has been listening and responding to the first two episodes and discussions have begun to catch.

“The positive response has been overwhelming and wonderful,” said Legal Talk Network CEO Adam Camras. “We can’t wait to see how this audience grows and hear Ken tell the story on new episodes about important Supreme Court cases. There are some really…

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