Learning to Talk Using A Sexy Tone

When you like to be sexy, there is certainly more than just the physical at play. What use is having a ripped shape if you sound like one of t he chipmunks or if you are very shy? You will not only need to look the part, you have to walk and talk like it as well.

09.06.2011 Washington, DC – Brett Decker has worked with a voice coach to help pick up his speaking voice. “Things really changed for me when I began to learn ways to speak better. It’s exciting when you start talking to the girls who would not ordinarily speak to you. Of course, you do have to control it because it can also seem unpleasant.” Decker also recommends taking the time to visit the web page www.meetyoursweet.com.  

To have a sexy body you are going to have spend hours a week on cardio exercises. That is not even going to count time that you should spend lifting weights. On the other hand, you only need to spend minutes a day learning to have a sexy voice. When exploring how to talk to girls, this is one of the skills that you have to have.  

Physically, what’s considered sexy for males and females differ. Men are sexy when they have prominent shoulders and small hips. Women however, are sexy when they have balanced curves and a small waist. With speaking voice, what’s called is similar for both sexes. You can have a sexy voice when you speak low, soft, and unhurried.  

Other than just looking at what’s believed sexy, we also need to be looking at what’s not. Turns off include talking very fast and talking in a high pitched voice. When in a discussion with friends, try to listen to yourself. Dissect the characteristics of your speaking voice and see if you naturally speak sexy or if you do not. If not, don’t worry because you can practice to make it ideal. There are always ways to pick up your speaking voice. When you are good at it, mastering how to talk to women will be easier for you.   

Here are some easy to follow suggestions to help you get a sexy voice.   

SPEAK SLOWLY, be certain…

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