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When female students at Laguna Hills High School walk into the girl’s restroom in the main quad area, they seem something quite out of the ordinary.

On walls that were already stripped of traditional mirrors, and above the bathroom sinks are nearly 100 empowering, motivational notes — colorful affirmations assuring students they’re “beautiful,” “loved” and “valuable.”

“We wanted to spread positivity in an overwhelming way,” said Laguna Hills High junior Saara Tayani, 16, one of the notes’ authors.

What started as a small project through the school’s Kindness Club has turned into something larger for Tayani and fellow Laguna Hills High junior Sabrina Astle.

“A lot of the posters in there are related to what has helped us, like gratitude or something that has picked us up,” said Astle, 17, the other author of the notes that were put up March 23.

Astle thought of the idea several months ago when the school’s activities director, Chelsea Maxwell, challenged students to create goals that would benefit the school and its students. Astle said she immediately knew she wanted to do something that would bring positivity in some way.

And to her, it was writing encouraging signs with kind notes.

“When I made that goal I just started making these signs to put up somewhere, I wasn’t really sure where (yet),” she said.

Astle and Tayani spent more than three months writing and preparing the signs, then found the perfect timing to put them up during the school’s “What If…” Week, where one of the messages was, “What if we showed more love?”

One day after school was out, the two went to the main girl’s restroom to put up the signs for students to see the next day. The feedback was all positive, and to their surprise, grew rapidly.

“It was originally just a small, nice thing,” Maxwell said. “It’s now become much bigger than that. Not only have our students seen it, but that weekend it was posted on Facebook and there was a huge Girl Scout event in the community so all of those little girls saw it.

“It’s been shared over social media and different media websites, so it hasn’t only affected our students but the larger community as well,” she…

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