Know Your VC is a tool for founders to anonymously rate VCs

Zhang, one of the creators of Know Your VC

Anthony Zhang

Like so many male Silicon Valley founders, Anthony Zhang was
shocked when he read that a prominent tech investor, Binary
Capital’s Justin Caldbeck, was
accused of harassing female founders

And then he read that another famous investor, 500 Startups’ Dave
McClure, admitted to being a
“creep” towards women.

“I’ve actually gone through 500 Startups,” Zhang told Business
Insider. “I knew Dave McClure personally, and had pitched Justin
a few times.”

Zhang went through 500 Startups with his food delivery startup
EnvoyNow, which he then sold to JoyRun for an undisclosed amount.

It troubled Zhang that he knew these investors, but knew so
little about their bad behaviour.

“It was a complete blindside to not know that side of their
character … before pitching them,” he said. “I got to talking
to other founders and sharing stories. Lots of [stories] showed
behaviour that was very biased, or flat out disrespectful. Like
having five meetings, being really interested, requesting lots of
information, then never calling again.”

His solution? A kind of Glassdoor for VCs where, instead of
rating places of employment, people rate investors.

Zhang has spent the last month building Know Your VC, a platform where founders
can anonymously or publicly submit reviews and comments for any

The Know Your VC

Shona Ghosh/Business

Founders who want to leave a review or comments need to sign
up (and be verified by Zhang’s team). For now, anyone can
search for and read reviews for any investor.

This is one of the reviews that shows up if you search for Justin

review of ex-Binary Capital partner Justin Caldbeck, who resigned
after admitting to sexual harassment.

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