Kenney Machinery Employees Build Peace Park with Help from Toro Dingo TX 1000

The Dingo was a huge help when it came to moving the patio base and mulch to all the places we needed to spread it”, said Kevin

For over a year, Kenney Machinery Corporation, a Toro turf equipment distributor based in Indianapolis, has been partnering with the local nonprofit organization trueU to help their employees develop leadership skills. As part of a leadership training course offered through that partnership, two Kenney Machinery employees recently had the opportunity to participate in a service project in a neighborhood on the south side of Indianapolis—a project that went much more smoothly thanks to some Toro equipment they brought with them.    

The project, which was coordinated by trueU and ProAct Indy (a local organization that helps economically disadvantaged youth participate in community outreach service projects), involved building a peace park at the Laurelwood Community, a public housing complex operated by the Indianapolis Housing Agency. In the past, Laurelwood was considered a dangerous and high-crime neighborhood in Indianapolis, but about 10 years ago they started partnering with local community agencies such as the Intercollegiate YMCA and the University of Indianapolis, and now the Laurelwood community has been lifted up as a national model for how to improve the conditions in similar communities.

The Kenney Machinery employees participating in the service project were Sales and Marketing Manager Kevin Koss and Controller Jon Treadway. They are enrolled in trueU’s Leaders in Training course, a six month program that involves both classroom work and hands-on experiences where they get to put into practice the leadership principles that they learn about. The project at the Laurelwood Community…

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