Karen Kober releases ‘Silent Voices Hidden Wisdom’

Karen Kober debuts in the publishing scene with the release of “Silent Voices Hidden Wisdom” (published by Balboa Press). A combination of animal thoughts, short stories and personal outlook, this book inspires self-awareness to create change for a positive and peaceful life.

Kober wrote “Silent Voices Hidden Wisdom” to offer a new way to incorporate the spiritual awareness of how animals view life from telepathically (mental thought transference from one being to another) conversing with them. According to her, they offered their poems and prayers to allow people to expand their awareness that animals speak and think the same as humans, without the evolution of being able to speak with their vocal cords.

“Truth and wisdom come from unlimited sources. There is no sentient being we cannot converse with telepathically,” the author says. “The Second Coming started in 2011 and will take approximately 25 years to complete. Our society is feeling the changes and seeking answers.”

Relatable and edifying, “Silent Voices Hidden Wisdom” is a guide that opens readers’ minds to truth and awareness. Kober emphasizes: “It is okay to be respected and honored for who they are. It is okay to seek spiritual growth; to be honored and respected for your beliefs as one respects other religious beliefs. Spirituality is a direct connection to the Divine, no third party needed.”

“Silent Voices Hidden Wisdom”

By Karen Kober

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 164 pages | ISBN 9781504368605

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 164 pages | ISBN 9781504368582

E-Book | 164 pages | ISBN 9781504368599

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

At age 16, Karen Kober had her own dance studios for children through adults. She is a registered nurse, became a…

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