Japanese Companies Invented a Wife’s Instruction Manual to Help Their Fertility Treatment “The Most Loving Instruction Manual”

The Most Loving Instruction Manual

“I get grumpy. If it’s not your fault, it’s probably just a rhythm thing. Leave me alone for a little while.” -from Chapter TROUBLES

MTI Ltd., the company behind a women’s health mobile service, “Luna Luna” alongside “Dotest” the ovulation test sold by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd have come together to create a support project for couples called the “Hand in Hand Project”. In order to bury the gap of traditional marriage roles during fertility treatment, an instruction manual called, “The Most Loving Instruction Manual” has been made to give to the husband.

The tendency for women to get married later in life has given Japan one of the highest rates of advanced age maternities in the world. Around 470,000 women are currently involved in some kind of fertility treatment, which is called “Nin-Katsu” in Japanese.

Child care journalist, and mental health counselor Mr. Toshimasa Ota supervised the creation of an instruction manual that connects the differences of the heart and body’s rhythm that occur every month in a woman. To explain the woman’s voice clearly, booklets explaining necessary knowledge of what to expect during a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle are broken into four categories: Warning, Specifications, Maintenance, and Trouble Shooting, and finally a letter written by the wife to her husband.

Furthermore, the hormonal changes that occur causing fluctuating changes in a woman’s physical and mental condition each month are explained in a sensible way. The wife’s body temperature and emotional changes that occur each month are explained by using the woman’s data to create a jigsaw puzzle that when arranged show the fluctuations visually with…

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