Janet Lerner’s New Book “The Lord Told Me, ‘Be Available.’” Invites the Reader to Experience the Events in the Author’s Life and Learn to Never Give up Hope

Janet Lerner PhD, LCSW, a former housewife, turned hippie, turned social worker, has completed her new book “The Lord Told Me, “Be Available.”: an intriguing recounting of the author’s life, from her humble beginnings, to finding religion, and to accomplishing both educational and professional pursuits.

According to Lerner, “This book describes my life and many of the experiences I have had. If it can help one person to hang in there and not give up, everything related in the book will be worth it. When I was ready to go to Columbia for my doctorate, my father kept telling me that I should not bother because I was always going to be a secretary anyway. Thank God, I didn’t listen to him.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Janet Lerner’s revealing work invites the reader to glimpse into her life to find inspiration for their own.

Lerner started as a country farm girl, who grew into a woman that married but did not feel like a housewife. She got divorced, got into trouble, went back to college to become a social worker, and went through the ’70s as a hippie. At the end of the ’70s, she was born again and went back to school to get a master’s degree at the same university as her bachelor’s—Ohio State.

She was later accepted into Columbia University School of Social Work and received a doctorate in social work research. When she finished the social work program, she wanted to go back into the field of drug treatment, as she felt this area needed as much expertise as possible. Since then she has been blessed to develop and obtain funding for many drug treatment programs and other supportive services, which have been widely beneficial for the patients she serves.

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