Issues that Family Therapy can Help Address

A traditional family unit consists of a dad, mom and kids. These days, however, the rules have totally changed. Divorced parents, both of whom have kids, may remarry and live in the same house to form a combined family. A single parent or same-sex couples with a kid may also form a family unit. With such complex relationships, it could be that you would need the services of a family therapist at one point or another.

As the name implies, a family therapist is a psychotherapist who specializes in dealing with family-related issues. If there are therapists who specialize in offering counselling for individual patients and couples, family therapists seek to bring out in the open issues which are hounding an entire family unit.

Let’s say that the parents of a family are currently going through divorce proceedings. This could have dire emotional effects on the kids, which is where family therapy proves to be useful. Through it, both the parents and kids will be given enough time to air their feelings and sort them out in an environment that’s conducive to addressing such issues. With the help of the exercises to be given by the family therapist, healing and moving on can begin despite the divorce.

Issues Addressed by Family Therapy

To have a deeper understanding of how family therapy (or effektive parterapi as we say in Denmark) can help sort out family problems, here are a few more issues which therapy sessions can help address:

  • Conflicts between parents and children.

When kids have a generational gap or problems communicating with their parents, such issues should be addressed immediately before they get worse. Parent-child conflicts are also one of the most common reasons to seek family therapy and as long as both parties realize the importance of getting issues out in the open, the sessions should help improve the relationship.

  • Coping with problems for families with kids who have learning disabilities.

Not every parent knows how to deal with kids who have…

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