IS IT ETHICAL? Students attend workshop on ethics

Nearly 40 juniors and seniors from Minnewaska and Sauk Centre high schools spent last Thursday in a day-long workshop on ethics.

The workshop was sponsored by the Glenwood and Sauk Centre Rotary clubs and was based on a model program in ethics developed by the University of St. Thomas.

The session was lead by Lyle Tollefsrud and Quinn Hutson of the Eagan Rotary Club. It was held at the Lakeside Ballroom.

Students watched a number of videos depicting ethics situations and then discussed them along with Rotarians from both clubs who functioned as table leaders.

One of the videos dealt with Xavier who was being asked to apply for a promotion. During the interview Xavier was asked to do something dishonest and when he balked he was told to think about it and come back the next day. Xavier pondered the decision with his wife and came back the next day to tell his boss he couldn’t be dishonest. The boss promoted him and gave him a raise.  The request to cheat was a test.

The afternoon was spent on a business model with each student holding a leadership position in a business. Then a problem affecting the business was presented, and the different officers had to find an ethical way to deal with the various situations presented.

The model involved the fictional POGO Corporation and its efforts to improve its business by closing its sole U.S. manufacturing plant, consolidating its overseas manufacturing, opening more retail outlets and dealing with the negative reactions to those decisions. The CEO of each table presented the plan each table had decided upon at the conclusion of the event.

This is the third year the Rotarians have sponsored this workshop. Glenwood Rotarians working on last week’s event included chair Richard Benson, Lloyd Campbell, Bob Bowlin, Grant Herfindal and John R. Stone.

Photo by John R. Stone

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