Intouch Insight Ltd. Announces Strong Start to 2018 with $600,000 in New Sales

Intouch Insight Ltd. (“Intouch”) (TSXV: INX) today announced that it has retained over 97% of its 2017 revenue, and also reported a $600,000 increase in orders from existing customers for 2018.

The $600,000 in additional revenue comes from three of the company’s existing customers, indicating strong customer loyalty and satisfaction levels. The combined increase from these customers ($600,000) is in addition to historical ongoing business, which will continue to be purchased by these customers.

“After spending the last few years improving our entire software suite, we are pleased to see these additional investments by our valued customers. Intouch customers are market leaders in customer experience across North America, and as such we truly appreciate the loyalty we receive year after year from these respected organizations. We are very proud of the entire Intouch team whose actions allow us to retain and expand our customer base,” said Cameron Watt, President & Chief Executive Officer.

“The 97% retention of our revenue base provides a foundation for healthy growth. The fact that we have not only been able to retain our customer base, but grow their involvement with us, is extremely encouraging as we look to the future. Intouch is a customer-centric organization and we will be combining this approach with our software capabilities as we prepare to launch our new customer experience management (CEM) software in Q2. As announced previously, we have embarked on a machine learning strategy and have filed for a provisional patent for an automated, closed-loop system to ensure our customers drive improvements in their businesses through our CEM offering,” said Watt.

2017 will mark the third consecutive year of growth for the customer experience management (CEM) company, who in November 2017 announced that it had…

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