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They go over what you’re going to see in the real world, not just in a book…Show you exactly what to do, why you’re doing it & how to do it.

IRISS, the global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and Solutions has expanded the course offerings through their Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies, SMART. SMART offers the following unique training and certification courses to give you the practical experience and knowledge necessary to complete electrical inspections safely and efficiently. Designed by electricians, for electricians, these hands-on training courses are unlike any others available to date. They not only outline current industry standards and best practices, but also show you how to implement them. New to SMART is the Level I Ultrasound Course.

The 2017 Course Descriptions are as follows:

The Level I Ultrasound Course – This 3-day course is one of the most comprehensive Ultrasound training ever held in which participants will learn both the theory and practical ultrasound data collection techniques in multiple applications. Topics include: Theory of Ultrasound, identifying types of leakage in pressure and vacuum systems (steam traps, valves and heat exchangers), Mechanical inspection in bearings, motors and gears as well as cavitation in pumps etc., and How to conduct electrical inspection including arcing and tracking in switchgear, transformers other distribution equipment. In addition, detection of corona in medium and high voltage substation equipment.

Level I Infrared Electrical Certification Course- This 3-day course will give the participant an understanding of basic infrared camera setup using any camera brand and model, an…

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