iJET International Launches Developer Center and Enhanced APIs

iJET International, Inc., a recognized leader in integrated risk management solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its new Developer Center, an online application development portal that enables the company’s partners to more easily design and enhance their solutions by leveraging iJET’s robust library of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In addition, iJET is releasing its Health Security Assessment Rating (HSAR) API, enhanced Country Security Assessment Rating (CSAR) API and Alert APIs.

The Developer Center provides iJET’s partners with resources and reference documents, including API documentation, release notes and FAQs, so that application developers can easily search for and find the information they need in support of development efforts. The portal also includes a sandbox for testing, and iJET expects to add a support forum so developers can share knowledge and ask questions of iJET and other partners.

“We built iJET’s new Developer Center to assist our partners in accelerating the development and delivery of meaningful solutions for their customers,” said Theresa Thomas, senior vice president of Powered by iJET, the company’s business unit focused on supporting and enabling partner companies. “The portal provides ready access to resources and information, along with a way to quickly test code, enabling our partners to iteratively and continuously improve their applications.”

With access to iJET’s intelligence APIs through the portal, the company’s partners can now enhance their solutions by exposing country and health ratings on their own web and mobile pages, and partner customers can filter those ratings by location, range and updated-since date. In addition to delivering an overall country or city rating, the APIs also…

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