If you want to buy a hard drive, you need to read this

Which is the most reliable hard drive around these days? When it comes to avoiding catastrophic disk failures, the top brand out there is HGST according to some new research.

This comes from Backblaze’s annual HDD statistics, which are by now quite famous in terms of judging the relative sturdiness of hard drives, with the figures being derived from the cloud storage firm’s considerable collection of 71,939 spinning disks in production usage.

HGST accounted for 24,545 of those drives and experienced just 132 failures across the course of 2016, an enviable failure rate of 0.6%.

Toshiba came second with a failure rate of 1.27%, but this was over a very small sample of just 237 drives, so has to be taken with a pinch of salt in that respect.

Seagate might have been in third place with a failure rate of 2.65%, but that was over a colossal 45,531 disks. Western Digital brought up the…

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