Identical twins discover each other thru DNA tests, meet for first time on TODAY

Katey Bennett only knew of one sibling growing up in California: Her older brother. But about three years ago, she started getting a hunch that she had a twin, perhaps one her family never knew about.

A genetic test proved she was right.

On Tuesday, Bennett met her identical twin sister, Amanda Dunford, for the first time during an appearance on Megyn Kelly TODAY.

Bennett, 33, grew up in California with parents who adopted her from a South Korean orphanage. Earlier this year, after her family decided to get their DNA tested through 23andMe, Bennett received her results in a stunning message.

“It said, ‘You have one direct relative that’s taken this test,’” Bennett said. “And it gave me Amanda’s name and said ‘identical twin sister.”

Four years earlier, Dunford had submitted her own DNA sample to the genetic testing company. But at the time, her only connection in the database was to a distant cousin. The two have since connected and remain in close contact.

Megyn Kelly TODAY

Amanda Dunford and Katey Bennett, separated at birth in South Korea, were reunited more than three decades later through DNA tests.

Dunford, who grew up in Arizona but now lives in Virginia, was adopted when she was about a year old. Her parents discovered her…

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