iClever Launches Its Smallest Car Charger

iClever Metal Dual USB Car Charger

Super Mini

Today, iClever launches one of the smallest car chargers in its league. The charger takes on double duty with no hesitation, with two USB ports blasting out 2.4 amps of power each, totaling up to an impressive 4.8 amps of output. Coupled together with iClever’s signature SmartID technology, the charger juices up any two devices with efficiency that reaches the peak. Armed in a durable aluminum unibody that doesn’t falter even with repeated plugging, the iClever Nano Car Charger will charge your devices for many drives ahead.

“People purchase car chargers for one sole purpose – to get their devices charged on the go. With the iClever BoostDrive Nano Car Charger, this charger is designed to do its one sole task to the best of its ability. That’s why our charger intelligently recognizes devices and charges them at its maximum efficiency, pumping out optimum power to charge every device from your phone to your tablet.” said Eric He, CEO of iClever. “But best of all, we’ve packed it into a 35.5mm x 23mm frame, ensuring that this pocket-friendly charger fits any lifestyle without making a fuss.”

iClever earned its moniker by providing smart solutions delivered through cutting-edge technology, and the brand’s signature SmartID technology is the common thread that runs through all its charging devices. The Nano Car Charger, is no exception. Ordinary chargers simply charges a device. SmartID chargers, however, recognizes the device, and charges it according to its optimum voltage requirements to get the fastest charge in the least amount of time.

The charger may be small in size, but it handles big boy devices without hitting any brakes. The wide voltage range…

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