I Let My 5-Year-Old Daughter Dress Me for a Week

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Like lots of other happy-go-lucky kindergarteners, my daughter Kiera expresses herself through dance, art, rainbow clothing, and the biggest and brightest accessories she can find (usually from my jewelry box).

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lisa Fogarty

I’ll admit to being a bit of a clothing and shoe hound, which may have influenced her interest in fashion. But more often than not these days – and especially since I gave birth to her little brother – Kiera is completely underwhelmed when I emerge from my bedroom wearing some variation of jeans, a striped shirt, and flat sandals or white tennis shoes.

Kindergartners just don’t get French minimalist style.

When I told her she could be responsible for choosing my outfits for five consecutive days, that I would neither protest nor make suggestions, and I would wear her outfits from morning until night, Kiera literally jumped for joy.

“Yay!” she exclaimed. “But only five days? Mommy, I want to dress you for a month!”

We’ll start on a trial basis and see how it goes, I told her.

Day 1: Florals, Poof, Heels, And Lots of Accessories

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lisa Fogarty

Kiera brought her A-game to this dress-up challenge. The first outfit she picked out for me was no joke: a vintage, A-line floral dress, which turns slightly “poofy” from the waist down; magenta patent leather T-strap 4-inch heels that I haven’t worn in six years; and so many accessories I felt like Johnny Depp in 1950s housewife drag.

“It’s so colorful – so happy, and so, so spring!” Kiera announced. “You have to wear your locket open today so everyone can see our pictures. Oh, and these mermaid bracelets are the perfect finishing touch!” (Most of the accessories she chose were made by the designer of MoJo’s Jewelry, my childhood best friend, so that was a delightful surprise.)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lisa Fogarty

I work from home and take care of a toddler, so parading around in vampy heels was an extraordinary feat that I’d usually…

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