Human food chain to restock Valley Food Pantry on Sunday – News

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STANDARD-SPEAKER FILE People pass food to one another while helping stock up the Valley Food Pantry in Conyngham. The human food chain has replenished and demonstrated the mission of the food pantry for 17 years and is scheduled to take place again at 9 a.m. Sunday.

Hand over hand, folks of all ages will pass food to one another along the sidewalk of Main Street in Conyngham on Sunday morning.

They link up into a human food chain that has reassembled once a year for 17 years.

Cereal boxes, soup cans, toothpaste and countless other items are ferried along the food chain by members of local churches to a destination on the shelves of the Valley Food Pantry at Christ United Church of Christ.

Anyone can take part just by showing up along the south end of Main Street and finding a place in line by 9 a.m.

You may want to bring food, too.

The pantry welcomes donations of almost anything — cans, boxes, vegetables, fruits, drink mixes, paper products, toiletries, laundry and dish detergent.

Just don’t bring glass containers.

They break too easily after a muffed hand-off.

Fragility notwithstanding, people enjoy standing in the line, getting to know members of different churches as they transport food in the style of a fire bucket brigade.

Like a bucket brigade, the food chain offers assistance when needed. Currently 56 families receive food. The number rises and falls with fortune and misfortunes of the…

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