How to make fruit infused iced teas with Art of Tea organic iced teas

A chilled pitcher of iced tea is certainly a welcome sight for tired eyes and you can easily create delicious teas by using Art of Tea organic iced teas. You can choose from a wide and aromatic variety of fruit infused teas available from Art of Tea, and can relax on your front porch, on the beach, or even at your workplace with a chilled glass of tea in your hand.

You can take your taste buds on a delightful icy expedition by choosing from an eye-popping range of white teas. You can create palate-pleasing iced teas by using the Hot/Iced tea maker offered by Art of Tea that allows you to create delicious teas by using the hot brew, cold brew or flash chill method.

If you want to try teas other than the traditional black tea variants then you can easily make scrumptious white iced tea that has several interesting natural fruit flavors blended into it. Exotic teas with names such as White Coconut Creme, White Goji Blossom, and White Guava Ginger will certainly take your palate and those of your friends and family on a thrilling trip with each tasty sip from that chilled glass of iced tea.

You can also choose from a range of mouth-watering iced jasmine tea flavors offered by Art of Tea such as their award winning Passionfruit Jasmine tea that has black and green tea blended in with organic jasmine flowers and natural passionfruit essence to truly tickle the taste buds in a mysterious way. You can sip on hot or even chilled jasmine ice tea depending on your mood and the ambience.

If you are an eager tea aficionado in the wonderful world of teas then you can start out with the Art of Iced Tea sampler that allows you to make 2 pitchers each of 4 mouth-watering teas. Once you hone in on the flavors that you love then you can also opt to buy wholesale iced tea if you have a large family or if you plan to market these appetizing teas to your loved ones.

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