Having written your first book

Having written your first book…

You’ve written your first book, you want to get it published then you can write more – and more and maybe at last, be recognised as a true published author.

So you log into the internet and do search for literary agents and publishers, . There are sure to be many who will want to take on your masterpiece. if only it could be that easy.

There are so many would be writers now, given the wondrous aid of the computer, install  one of the word processors like ‘Word’ or ‘Coral’  and bingo!  They have spell and grammar checks too and all a writer could wish for to enhance one’s work – so no worries there!

But slowly, you begin to realise it is not that easy, and confidence depletes rapidly, especially after having sent your well worked manuscripts out  to various publishers or agents and they return with a host of reasons why, but  rarely helpful – so you have no idea about  how you could improve your story if it’s not up to scratch

But you just want to write, you really do. You have a need to get something out of your system which has been driving you nuts for months, something meaningful – something in which you really believe.

Having tried several outlets you click in for help for budding writer’s pages…

At last, all hope is not lost. You find someone who really cares about your work after you have sent a chapter or two.. They say your book is wonderful and deserves publication. You look into it further thinking maybe you have made it at last!

Your hopes rise again until you read the small print. Then you discover just why your work is praised – the cost is absolutely abortive – but in order to get it into print you are tempted.

It is called vanity publishing;  fine if you just want to show off to your kin and friends, because no way will they attempt to sell your book for you and it really is going to cost you to do it yourself – and even then, as much as you want it too, as much as you believe in what you have…

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