GigaGen Announces Launch of New Antibody Discovery Service at 2017 BIO International Conference

Dr. Dave Johnson will present on the advantages of Surge for antibody therapy discovery at BIO on Wednesday June 21

GigaGen Inc., a biopharmaceutical company with patented technology for discovery of antibody therapeutics from millions-diverse immune repertoires, announces launch of its new Surge(TM) Discovery service at the BIO 2017 International Conference in San Diego, California. Dave Johnson, PhD, CEO of GigaGen, will present on Surge at the conference.

Surge is the new, fully integrated therapeutic antibody discovery and engineering service from GigaGen that delivers fully characterized monoclonal antibodies to a pharmaceutical customer within six weeks, entirely replacing hybridoma and phage display. Surge’s ultra-high throughput process generates a display library for each immunized mouse, screens for high affinity binders, and validates functionality. With Surge, pharmaceutical companies can now generate more target-binding antibodies with deeper repertoire diversity than previously possible with traditional technologies, so that they can find the best clinical candidates early in the discovery process.

Surge is the only discovery method that:

  • Screens millions of B cells for each immunized mouse, capturing nearly 100% of antibodies generated post immunization and identifying more rare antibodies than any other method.
  • Delivers hundreds of full-length antibodies with high binding affinity to various regions of the target, maximizing the odds of a successful clinical candidate and providing the backbone for a strong Intellectual Property footprint.
  • Maintains natural heavy and light chain pairing resulting in antibodies selected for affinity and stability in vivo, increasing therapeutic potential.

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