Gifts That Feel Good to Give with Dana Holmes

The holidays are here and, no surprise, many are still thinking about what to get friends and loved ones. The most meaningful gifts are usually the ones that require a little more thought, time, and creativity. Recently, Dana Holmes teamed with YourUpdateTV to provide some meaningful gift options to help.

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The Gift of Time

Staying organized during this time of year is crucial. With so much going on, it’s super easy to find ourselves in a time crunch. A recent study by Gladiator said that 86% of Americans wish they had more time for hobbies, friends and family. So, this year, when thinking about gifts, let’s give back time, and focus on the activities that they love.

Gladiator, the leader in organizational solutions for 15 years, has just unveiled a new line of GearTrack Packs to help. They have mountable tracks you can put almost anywhere in your home. They come with a variety of hooks and bins that are great for easy storage space. They are super versatile, sleek, and easy to install. The Bike GearTrack is an innovative way to store bikes that eat up space, and the Sports Caddy GearTrack Pack is a great way to quickly store all of that gear after a muddy pickup game. There’s also a gardening kit, lawn care kit, and more to suit a variety of passions or needs.

Hope, the Uplifting Fragrance

The holidays are also a great opportunity to give back to more than just family and friends, through an organization that helps people suffering from depression. Depression, according to the World Health Organization, is the number one reason in the world for disability. Finding new treatment options is crucial since 50% of patients do not respond to conventional therapies. With over twenty million adults in the U.S. affected annually,…

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