Getting Over a Break Up: How to move on from your Ex


There is no easy way on getting over a break up. It takes time and tons of effort to totally forget and accept everything that has happened. Regardless of your gender, it has never been easy to let go of someone you deeply cared about. There’s no off button to your heart from feeling hurt or your brain from reminiscing the good times you’ve spent together. Even if you go out with friends and family, at the end of the day, it’s just misery.

What makes getting over a break up more difficult is the thought of being alone. Nobody wants to be alone. Our lover has been our refuge and number one supporter in every venture we take. They are just there for us and support us through every decision we make. And now that he/she is gone, you have to face on a different light. You have to start over a new life.

But still, this difficulty does not justify you getting back with your ex. Sometimes, the future can get so scary that we’d rather go back to the past since its familiar. Reminiscing the good times you’ve shared or how your ex have loved you can tempt you to take away your pride and take him/her back. This is not a healthy solution to end your misery. Actually, it is otherwise.

A relationship ends for a reason. Whether it’s just a rough patch or a permanent set back, couples need time apart in a misunderstanding and argument. You need this alone time to reflect and realize what you have learned in that relationship. You can lock up in your room or refuse to go out with friends. You need to find yourself and regain what you have lost as an individual.

Cry and let it all out. Crying would help ease the pain. It is a good form of release. Don’t be shy to let the tears flow even if you’re a dude. Keeping it all to yourself would make you more miserable. There are some who lose their sanity just because they refuse to share what they are feeling. Guys, it is normal to be hurt.

Go out and get a hobby. Fill your schedule with night outs with your friends….

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