Fringe 'Church' Founder on MMS: It's No Cure

The founder of a fringe “church” who had claimed a chemical solution could cure virtually any disease, from autism to cancer to herpes, said he takes it back — just days after ABC News tracked him down in Mexico to ask about the dangerous game prosecutors say his church is playing with desperate people.

“There are certainly times I have said some things that I probably should have said differently. For lack of a better way to express things at the time — or because others put words in my mouth, in the past I have stated that MMS cures most of all diseases. Today, I say that MMS cures nothing!” Jim Humble, founder and archbishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, wrote in a newsletter posted on the church’s website Thursday.

But while federal prosecutors say MMS, Miracle Mineral Solution, is really just industrial bleach, Humble maintained in his note that it,…

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