If you’re planning to bet on any NFL games this weekend, USA TODAY Sports’ Lorenzo Reyes says these three are the way to go.

ASHBURN, Va. — As usual, Terrelle Pryor was approachable and polite as a visitor stopped by his locker for a quick chat. But the Washington receiver, undoubtedly sensing the topic, was also rather firm.

“I’ll talk about football,” Pryor told USA TODAY Sports. “We can talk about needing to beat the 49ers.”

Translation: Not going there.

After his last game, on Oct. 2, Pryor got into a heated exchange with a fan at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium — moved to the point of giving the man a finger, he explained, after being repeatedly taunted with the N-word. In an Instagram post, Pryor wrote the tone of the incident was “the exact reason why guys are kneeling during the anthem.”

Reminded of that Wednesday, Pryor said: “I said what I had to say.”

Kind of annoying, coming to work, and pressed to make a social statement?

Pryor gave a half-smile. 

“Nah,” he said. “I understand. You’re doing your job.”

Elsewhere, one of Pryor’s usually affable teammates wouldn’t touch the matter of the national anthem protests.

“I work for The Man,” the player grumbled. “And I want to keep working.”

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Therein lies another layer to the cloud that has settled over the NFL in relation to the anthem demonstrations that are largely protests against social injustice, inequality and police brutality against African-Americans. 

Although there’s the visceral…