Financial Poise™ Announces “Governance Issues,” Episode #2 of the Business Law Dumbed Down Webinar Series, Available On-Demand Now through West LegalEdcenter

This Financial Poise webinar series holistically considers the dizzying array of choices and issues which individuals (and later, the entities which they have incorporated or organized) face in corporate and commercial law from the outset of the business until the termination of their interest in it. This is done primarily by considering issues of entity choice and locale, capitalization and governance, common and important issues companies encounter when working with customers, suppliers and other commercial parties, and sales and other exits from business ownership. This series will be helpful for those considering starting or purchasing a business for the first time as well as those who already own existing businesses or are looking to begin another business, in addition to those who advise them on legal, accounting, risk management and financial issues.

The second episode of the Business Law Dumbed Down series, Governance Issues: Fiduciary Duties, Manager v. Member Management & Other Power Sharing Consideration, will be available on-demand April 5 at 2pm CST (Register Here) and features moderator Peter Feinberg of Hoge Fenton. He is joined by Russell Silberglied of Richards Layton & Finger, Alex Davie of Riggs Davie PLC and Jonathan Friedland of Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer.

Any business with more than one owner will face the issue of how it is to be governed. If it is a corporation, how many directors should it have on its Board? Should outsiders (that is, non-shareholders) be included? Should certain actions require supermajority votes? More generally, what are the majority’s fiduciary obligations to the minority? This webinars discusses how companies can minimize the likelihood of disagreement in their articles,…

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