ExportHub is Going to Participate in Canton Fair – China Export and Import Fair

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The Canton Fair, also known as China Export and Import fair is going to commence in Guangzhou, China as a four-day event starting from 15th-19th April 2018. Organized biannually in Guangzhou every autumn and spring, and with diverse cultural history and rich background, Canton Fair organized its first exhibition in 1957, and since then, there’s no turning back.

ExportHub is going to partake as an important figure in the Canton fair aiming to provide an opportunity for all the suppliers and manufacturers to meet and build relationships based on business activities.

The fair plays an essential role in the economy of the country and gathers almost 24,000 of the country’s leading foreign trade organizations and nearly 500 international organizations with a profound rapport and vast financial reserves.

The event is anticipating in welcoming 50,000 or more trade visitors, 5000 and more exhibitors and thousands of bloggers and journalists from all over the world. A huge number of suppliers and manufacturers are gathering to showcase their products to the potential buyers and exchange business information from each other through trading of goods and services.

Products going to be showcased at Phase 3 include:

  •      Office supplies
  •     Medical devices
  •     Food products
  •     Health products
  •     Medicines
  •     Textile and garments
  •     Shoes
  •     Recreational products

This trade fair is going to open the opportunities for many small start-ups connecting business sectors and professionals to create an astounding breakthrough in the B2B trade. Apart from business attendees and organizations, many of the high-profile personalities and brands…

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