It’s the Bermuda Triangle of baseball.

The Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers have put a death grip on the National League wild-card race.

It’s all over, thanks to the supremacy of the NL West.

Don’t believe me? Through Sunday, the Rockies (46-26), Dodgers (45-26) and Diamondbacks (44-26) had the three best records in the National League, and all happen to reside in the West.

This is the latest since 1962 that three NL teams, whether battling within the same division or for the pennant before divisional play began in 1969, had a winning percentage of .600 or better. And not since 1941 have three NL teams — the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants and Cincinnati Reds —had a .600 winning percentage on this date.


“That’s just amazing,’’ Andrew Friedman, Dodgers president of baseball operations, told USA TODAY Sports. “Scoreboard watching in May or June, it just speaks to the talent that we have in this division. It seems like we are matching each other in this recent stretch.’’

These three teams, who entered Monday separated by just one game in the standings, are all on pace to win 102 games. They are playing at such a break-neck speed that according to FanGraphs’ calculations, the Dodgers have a 99.8% chance to reach the postseason, with the Rockies at 88% and D-backs at 83.5%.

While no team in the American League is further than 4 1/2 games out of a playoff berth, the Dodgers and D-backs have a nine-game lead over the Chicago Cubs in the NL wild-card race, and 12 games over everyone else.

It could be the first time since Major League Baseball implemented the two-team wild-card format in 2012 that three teams from the same division could all reach the playoffs with a .600 winning percentage. The NL Central came the closest in 2015 when the St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago…