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As a parting wish, Mark Bodenhamer says he holds optimism for San Juan Capistrano and hopes that people who hold differences with one another can find ways to put those aside and work toward a common good.

After seven years at the helm of the San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce, Bodenhamer is making a family move to the San Francisco Bay Area.

His value as an advocate for San Juan was recognized by friends and coworkers at the chamber’s June 7 installation and awards dinner. He was named honorary citizen of the year, even though he had lived out of town.

His wife, Tallia Hart, was CEO of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce for eight years until she was recruited for the position of CEO of the San Francisco chamber, a job that she took in March.

Bodenhamer has remained in Orange County, wrapping up his duties as CEO of the San Juan chamber while waiting for daughter Lola to complete her school year.

As they depart for the Bay Area, we asked Bodenhamer for some parting perspectives about San Juan.

Q: What is your greatest satisfaction from your tenure on San Juan’s Chamber?

A: My greatest satisfaction is looking back and knowing that we did things the “right” way at the chamber. There are decisions I might do differently but we always had the best interest of our members and the community in mind as we worked to enhance this amazing city.

Q: How would you describe the state of the city as you enter the next stage?

A: I believe that the city is on a great path. There are exciting new things coming down the pike to complement the tremendous assets that we already have. The path we take moving forward in San Juan is not always as efficient as I would like from my perspective, but there is great progress being made. Slowly but surely.

Q: What is next for you in the Bay Area?

A: More of the same, I hope. I have truly loved working to represent a place and a group of people as special and unique as San Juan Capistrano. If I can find a role that keeps me half as…

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