CSUN Professor Luciana Lagana and Two of Her Graduate Students Publish a Study on Ethnically Diverse Diabetic versus Healthy Older Women

Dr. Luciana Lagana

(David Alpizar) …. our results have made me more proactive about promoting health preventive behaviors among my family members, such as reminding my mother, who is 60 years of age, to get her health and cancer screenings and driving her to get these medical tasks accomplished if needed.

Award-winning CSUN Professor Luciana Lagana has been funded for several years by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to study the health challenges of ethnically diverse, predominantly low income older women. With two graduate students who are members of her research team, Dr. Lagana has published an article, entitled “Cognitive Functioning, Health Screening Behaviors and Desire to Improve One’s Health in Diabetic versus Healthy Older Women,” in the peer-reviewed “Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research.” This article is available to the public at http://www.journalrepository.org/media/journals/JAMMR_64/2017/Aug/Lagana2352017JAMMR34173.pdf. In it, the authors compared a group of diabetic older women to a group of older women who considered themselves to be healthy and reported not taking any medication. The results of this study go against many of the findings published in previous empirical literature, which almost unanimously showed that being diabetic is associated with significantly lower levels of cognitive function, as well as a lower likelihood of pursuing non-diabetes related preventive services such as general health and mammogram screenings.

(from the article’s abstract):

Aims: To attempt to fill a gap in the literature on diabetic versus healthy older women on desire to improve one’s health, health screening behaviors, and cognitive health.


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