Cook Children’s Gets Fort Worth Area Students Moving and Learning Earning Over 78 Million Minutes of Physical Activity in the Past Year with GoNoodle

“Based on feedback from area teachers and the millions of physical activity minutes that GoNoodle has already delivered to Fort Worth students, it just makes sense to continue our support of GoNoodle in the communities that Cook Children’s serves.” – Larry Tubb, SVP of Cook Children’s

An initiative led and funded by Cook Children’s Health Care System (Cook Children’s) has Fort Worth area kids participating in more physical activity during the school day with GoNoodle. In the past year, Fort Worth area students have earned more than 78 million minutes of physical activity in their classrooms using GoNoodle’s online movement videos and games. GoNoodle get kids running, jumping, dancing, stretching and practicing moments of mindfulness right next to their desks.

Research conducted by the Center for Children’s Health led by Cook Children’s supports short bursts of movement throughout the school day to improve overall student health and academic performance. Data from a 2016 study shows students who play GoNoodle perform better in reading comprehension and standardized math tests compared to students who did not play. Another study by Cook Children’s showed an average 13 percent improvement in childhood normal weight (as measured by body mass index or BMI) during a three-year period for elementary-age students who attend schools at independent school districts using GoNoodle.

Fort Worth area elementary schools are making great strides in getting their students moving and learning, in part thanks to a sponsorship from Cook Children’s that brings GoNoodle’s premium version, GoNoodle Plus, to 650+ schools. All public, charter and private elementary schools in Denton, Hood, Johnson, Parker, Tarrant, and Wise counties…

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