Collibra Recognized as Vendor to Help Marketing Organizations with Governance and Policy Management

Collibra, the leader in enterprise data governance and catalog software, has been recognized by Forrester Research in a new report entitled, “The Capabilities Marketers Need To Build A Strategic Privacy Function.” The report looks at 17 capability categories that support marketers’ privacy programs.

According to the new Forrester report, modern marketing tactics like cross-device stitching and location-based mobile advertising create new privacy risks, forcing businesses to be more conscientious of customer privacy and security constraints. “Privacy is still an afterthought in most marketing organizations. In large part, that’s because marketers don’t understand their new responsibilities and don’t know where to turn for help. Internal resources — like legal or security and risk teams — are still often stuck in compliance and risk-mitigation mode because they don’t understand the business drivers behind new marketing tactics,” as outlined by the report authors.

The Forrester report states marketers need guidance to make sense of their new privacy responsibilities and outlines six service offerings, to help marketers create processes and best practices. Collibra is referenced as a firm that can help with governance and policy management.

“Most organizations understand, at least in theory, the importance, scope and stake involved in assuming full responsibility for the protection of their customers’ personal data. However, many still struggle with where to start to meet this privacy imperative,” said Felix Van de Maele, Collibra co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The Collibra platform provides a solution for managing and defining enterprise-wide policies, business rules, and data assets to provide the necessary level of data protection and quality to help organizations become…

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