Christmas Music Gift Ideas for Men

When Christmas time comes around, there are hundreds of different artists with albums that can help you feel more festive. If you are looking for an artist whose album you can stick in the stocking of that special guy in your life, here are a few Christmas gift ideas for you.

Does he like the classic sounds of the crooners? Bing Crosby and Perry Como recorded some of the most iconic Christmas music ever, and no matter what collection of theirs you decide to purchase, you can be sure you’re getting high quality. Their smooth sounds provide a blast of nostalgia that can return a man to the simple days of his childhood. If you’d rather go for something more recent, think about purchasing Michael Buble’s Christmas album, which mingles the classic crooner feel with some more contemporary sensibilities.

Is your man a country boy at heart? A Christmas gift idea from Kenny Rogers or Randy Travis will suffice. Both men have put their distinctive stamps on Christmas standards and recorded original songs that have become beloved in their own right. Their songs are a mix of the sacred and secular, with Travis faring especially well on Gospel-flavoured carols and Rogers teaming up with Dolly Parton for the playfully romantic “A Christmas to Remember.” Alan Jackson is another country artist worth looking into, having recorded songs ranging from the spiritually uplifting to the domestically depressing as well as the just plain silly, like his song with Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Maybe he prefers the sounds of the 60s and 70s. It’s hard to go wrong with the Beach Boys, whose summery sound makes an intriguing contrast with songs that include snowy images. Instead of souped-up cars, they sing up hyper-powered sleighs, and their outstanding harmonies serve them well on every track. The Carpenters have a mellower sound but are no less enjoyable to hear, especially with Karen’s sweetly melancholy vocals on “Merry Christmas, Darling.” John Denver, one of the most popular artists of…

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