Chris Evans Goes Shirtless for Details Magazine’s 2012 Photo Shoot (Pictures)

Although Chris Evans has completed filming “The Avengers” film, he is still showing off his superhero figure on a photo shoot for Details Magazine on the beach outside of Los Angeles, California on Wednesday, February 1, 2012.

The 30-year-old hunk put his bulging biceps, chiseled chest and six-pack abs on display as he climbed rocks at Vasquez Rocks Park for the cameras. Chris Evans even went shirtless while posing for the cover of Details Magazine. The Avengers star were also spotted incredibly taking pictures, hugging, kissing, and playing around with three lucky ladies on set, including his publicist, make-up artist, and interviewer/producer.

Hollywood star Chris Evans is topless as he shoots a feature for Details magazine on February 1, 2012

Chris Evans shows off his powerful muscles as he hangs off a rock at the Vasquez Rocks Park

During the interview with Details, Chris Evans said that he finished filming the movie “The Avengers” in September and now he is gearing to promote the movie for its release in May. In addition, the actor will get back to his superhero character in the movie “Captain America,” the role that brought him many sleepless nights just to think about if he should accept it or not.

The shirtless Chris Evans looks absolutely drool worthy as he poses for a photo shoot for Details Magazine

The Evans’s photo shoot for Details Magazine took place at Vasquez Rocks Park in Santa Clarita, outside of Los Angeles, California

Chris Evans is not the only Avengers actor who has been captured without his shirt. last month, his costar Chris Hemsworth, who stars Thor, also went shirtless during his vacation with Matt Damon.

The Avengers star also displays his newly buzzed head and a beard

Chris Evans hugs his make-up artist during the set to pose for Details Magazine on February 1, 2012

Chris Evans incredibly gets pictures, hugs, kisses, and plays around with three lucky ladies on set

The ‘Captain America’ star seems to have an…

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