Cherita Ford’s New Book “Leo Goes to the Mountain” is an Imaginative Story About a Unique Lion’s Struggle of Understanding the Importance of Following Rules.

Cherita Ford, a prolific writer and author who grew up in the inner city of St Louis, Missouri, has completed her new book “Leo Goes to the Mountain”: a charming story about Leo, an all-black lion born into an all-brown pride, and how he deals with the importance of following rules despite not understanding their meanings.

Author Ford provides a lovely explanation to the dilemma every good citizen experiences: “‘You heard me, Lili. I know we are not supposed to go up to the forbidden rocks. But I really can’t sit here any longer and not venture up there for myself to see what’s so forbidden about it.

‘We can’t go up there, Leo, you know what uncle Dami said,’ Lili says.

‘You’re right, Lili, we can’t and we won’t. I sure don’t want to have to protect a girlie cub that is not capable or brave enough to make it up the mountains alone anyhow,’ he says.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Cherita Ford’s interesting tale shows a society built on rules, and how its citizens come around and struggle with following authorities just to feed one’s curiosity and thrill for adventure.

Readers who wish to experience this fantastic work can purchase“Leo Goes to the Mountain” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

About Page Publishing:

Page Publishing is a traditional New York based full-service publishing house that handles all of the intricacies involved in publishing its authors’ books, including distribution in the world’s largest retail outlets and royalty generation. Page Publishing knows that authors need to be free to create – not bogged down…

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