Caddie Confidential — Invest in your player, but aim for a PGA Tour future

GREENVILLE, S.C. — This week is a very special one on tour. Not the PGA Tour, but the Tour.

It’s the first of four tournaments where lasers (electronic distance measuring devices, but without the “slope” feature) are being allowed during the tournament proper. I’m also playing in the BMW Charity Pro-Am. (Pray for Adam Schenk.)

It’s very different caddying on the Tour. I would know. It’s were I started. From travel to money to caddie treatment … you’re going to learn some things. So thanks to all the caddies for volunteering for this, and with any luck, I’ll get to do a few more versions like this week’s Tour Caddie Confidential. Enjoy!

Collins: First official round is in the books. Let’s talk about using the lasers. First, did you still use the slope during the practice rounds to make notes?
Caddie: The practice rounds, I didn’t do anything different than I normally would do. I used the laser when I did my work. Made sure I had all the ups and downs written in my yardage books, nothing different … it was all the exact same preparation.
Collins: So what changed when it counted on Thursday?
Caddie: … I didn’t use a laser today. I did all the numbers like I usually did and then he shot it, which probably took 20 seconds off of his [pre-shot routine], and if our numbers matched, which they always did, he would say, “139?” I would say, “Yes, 139.” And we went. So it probably took 20 seconds off his preparation.
Collins: Anything bad about using the laser?
Caddie: I don’t think there was anything that I would say was bad about it.
Collins: Can you see a “downside” to using them in the future on the PGA Tour?
Caddie: A downside is, and I truly feel strongly about this, especially on the Tour, [that] using a laser takes the advantage of having a good caddie who does a lot of hard work out of the equation.
Collins: Why?
Caddie: Because you got caddies out here that might be lazy or might give bad numbers. If your pro is able to just…

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