Business Filing Company Reminds California Cannabis Growers To Register Their Businesses

Cannabis businesses have operated in the shadows for so long, following state law hasn’t been at the top of their minds.

SunDoc Filings (, California’s leading business filing company, today issued a reminder to California cannabis growers and cannabis-related businesses. SunDoc Filings reminds business owners that they may need to register their company with the California Secretary of State and obtain appropriate state, county and city licenses for their businesses.

“This is an exciting time,” says Stan Huser, president of SunDoc Filings. “It’s rare to see a billion dollar industry be legalized at a stroke. We expect thousands of new cannabis-related businesses to launch this year.”

Californians voted to legalize marijuana in the November 2016 election. As of January 1, 2018 California cannabis-related businesses, including growers, distributors and manufacturers can legally operate their businesses with the state of California.

At the same time, Huser cautions that with legalization comes the need to obey state licensing and regulation requirements.

“Cannabis businesses have operated in the shadows for so long,” says Huser, “Following state law hasn’t been at the top of their minds.”

So, while business owners no longer risk being busted for possession of illegal substances, they can face fines and other penalties if they fail to register their business with the California Secretary of State, obtain a tax identification number, and obtain required state and local licenses.

According to Huser, all businesses forming as an LLC, corporation, limited partnership or limited liability partnership are required to register with the California Secretary of State. Businesses operating as a sole…

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