Breathtaking Wave Photos by Clark Little

Photographer Clark Little, 43 years old, is famous for his stunning photos captured inside breaking waves. Clark was awarded the 2010 Oceans Photography Award at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC for his underwater photo of a surf tube named “Twister”. The photographer has drawn much attention of people worldwide for his colorful pictures. Clark began taking photos of waves when his wife asked him to take a picture to decorate their bedroom wall. The photographer has recently released his new beautiful pictures in a prestigious competition. These stunning photos below capture powerful and glorious waves when they are going to crash down onto the shore.

The surfer-turned-photographer takes time out to catch a wave

Clark, from Oahu, Hawaii said that he often risked his life to capture the ‘perfect wave’.

The photographer likes taking photos at sunrise because the wind tends to be calm and body is around at that time. Therefore, he often swims out in the dark 15 minutes before taking photos.

Clark Little also likes taking photos of the green turtle under water. The photo captured a turtle traveling through Waimea Bay where features some of the calmest water around the island of Oahu

A wave going to crash down onto the shore is captured a strobe flash and quick reflexes

Clark Little used to say that he enjoyed the power and beauty of the waves that roll through. Therefore, he lay on the ocean floor in Oahu, Hawaii to capture this strange perspective of a wave when it rolls over him

A green turtle, an endangered species, was swimming in Oahu, Hawaii

A large wave in Oahu, Hawaii

A turtle swimming on the surface of the water was photographed by surfer-turned-photographer Clark Little

A beach on the island of Maui was captured underwater and from behind a breaking wave



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