AURORA – Thursday, an athletics legislative council shot down a proposal to add boys volleyball in high schools, without even reviewing at it.

Right now, more than 600 high school boys play, but in club leagues.

This was the third time boys volleyball has sought sanctioning from the organization. 

After three times of hoping to get boys’ volleyball sanctioned in high schools, Chris Mullens, the mother of a player, was disappointed to hear it wasn’t happening.

“You’d like to say everyone supports the sport, but, it’s not like you play football or baseball those are lettered sports,” said Mullens.

Which is apparently what many players want, a letter.

“To represent your individual school is an important thing to a lot of kids,” said Terry Miller, a high school coach.

On Thursday a legislative council of seventy-one with the Colorado High School Activities Association decided not to add the sport.

Mullens said, “we were really disappointed.”

They were more disappointed in the way it happened.

“It’s not necessarily that it was voted down, it’s the fact that no one was given the opportunity to say anything at all,” said coach Miller.

CHSSA says by reviewing the proposal they would have to amend a committee report that was already approved in January.

On top of that some schools may just not have the funds to add boys’ volleyball.

“We already have gyms in the school, we have volleyballs and nets,” said Mullens.

They also have boys who really enjoy the sport.

“It’s a sad message sent to the boys who had high hopes to get on the docket,” said coach Miller.

Mullens, is looking to the future when it comes to her son.

“I would love to see him come out and play for his school and earn a letter and leave school with that achievement behind him,” said Mullens.

When asked if is this officially over, CHSSA says no. There is a committee the leagues can present their proposal to in November. It would still need to face other votes next year to become a sport.

The last time CHSAA added a sport was when it sanctioned both men’s and women’s lacrosse and field hockey in 1997-99.

Girls wrestling has long been under consideration and was granted a trial-run this year with two girls-only meets.

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