Betterment embraces hybrid robo advice

Betterment, the leading independent robo advice platform, is adding a human touch to its offerings, and by doing so, acknowledging it is directly competing against the biggest wealth management firms.

“When we launched in 2010, we said that if we were successful that all of the incumbents would look to replicate our platform,” says Betterment CEO Jon Stein. “We’ve long considered Schwab and Fidelity to be our primary competition and have anticipated over time that we would inevitably become even more competitive with them.”

Betterment announced on Tuesday it is launching hybrid advice tiers that will exist alongside its base automated advice offering and its RIA platform: one that allows clients a yearly check-in call with in-house CFPs out of its Manhattan offices; a second that offers unlimited access to Betterment’s in-house CFP team, and a third that puts clients…

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