Automotive Paint Colors For All Seasons

Since the invention of the first automobile by Daimler Benz in the beginning of the century, the car has undergone tremendous changes to both the engine and body design and structure. The modern car has become part and parcel of our lives. Gone are the days when the car was regarded as a secondary luxury, nowadays the automobile is very essential in our daily activities at home, school or the workplace. Cars come in all manner of shapes, models, brands and colours.

The condition of the car is symbolic of our image perception to the society. A well kept, clean, and smooth bodywork portrays the same of us however untrue that might be. The outward body appearance has to be given timely and special attention in order to keep it looking as though it has just left the showroom. The car’s body takes a lot of beating from the harsh weather, rough roads, grit and mishandling hence the constant attention. This has to do with car paint colors used to revamp or repair it when dents, blemishes, scratches or patches of rust start forming. Auto paint colors are sold in many brands and color hues each specific in chemical composition and requiring unique application procedure when doing a re-spray on the car’s body.

Manufacturers of car paints know the need of sticking to same type of car colors when carrying out a touch up job or an extreme makeover. To ensure proper spray painting they offer their auto paints together with a color chart or card to enable easy color matching or mixing. The car needs a good coat of paint to enhance the elegance and aesthetic looks that will have bystanders in a stupor. A rule of the thumb when choosing and using automotive paint colors is to stick to one brand and doing complete resprays instead of touch ups whenever possible unless the touch up is for very minor repair or preventive action.

The type of finish desired will matter when choosing the car paint e.g. a glossy or semi glossy final look will need a final coat of clear or lacquer…

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