Author Kirk Ratliff’s Newly Released “The Simplicity Of A Practical Jesus” is a Compilation of Inspirational Messages That Share the Simple and Practical Wisdom of Jesus

“The Simplicity Of A Practical Jesus”: 170 inspirational messages that demonstrate the simplicity and practicality of Christ’s teachings. “The Simplicity Of A Practical Jesus” is the creation of published author, Kirk Ratliff. Kirk was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He has always had a flare for the creative process. He has always excelled in art while he is able to use any medium to express his creativeness. He started in the auto body industry and quickly excelled in every step of the process. He spent sixteen years as a body man. He then spent ten years building custom cars and resto mods. In 2004, Kirk opened Jc’s Kustom Creations and started building cars with his oldest son, Jesse. In 2015, Kirk began writing a daily blog, which led to his first book, “The Simplicity of a Practical Jesus.” Kirk is currently working on his second book, “When Dreams Come True.” In 2013, Kirk married his soul mate, Kimberly Sue Ratliff.

“Jesus spent his ministry teaching the uneducated, such as farmers and fishermen. However, they hung on his every word and followed him everywhere. Jesus’s words were life.” –Kirk Ratliff

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Kirk Ratliff’s new book gives exactly what the title states, “The Simplicity of a Practical Jesus”. The Bible is often misrepresented and misunderstood. Many times, the Word of God is presented as overly complicated and outdated in application. Jesus stated the Word, or Kingdom, of God is that of a child, simple in nature and completely applicable to the lives of everyone.

“The Simplicity of a Practical Jesus” contains 170 inspirational messages that will share the simplicity of God’s Word. It is so simple, readers will be able to apply to these truths in their daily lives….

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