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Could Ron Paul be the following President of the United States? You betcha he could win the next president election. And maybe he will have to! We’ve were given critical issues on this united states of america and we’d like a significant president making severe choices like shrinking this over-bloated, over spending and taxing do not anything congress, senate and present so-called administration.

Ron Paul is a Republican with Libertarian ideas.  He has an excellent message that WAS grossly overlooked. Ron is campaigning to secure himself because the Republican celebration candidate for the 2012 presidential election and may just do us all some good and we’ll tell you why.

1. He Doesn’t Waste Money

Ron Paul is for small government, low taxes, no war, saving money, and open pageant in currencies.

2. Believes in Small Government

He may handiest step in when necessary.  Keeping govt small means states and native spaces do numerous their very own governing.  He is a strict constitutionalist as well.

3. Goes For What He Believes In

Ron Paul is not a pussy.  He is not afraid to disagree on the next president election.  He isn’t supported by means of massive business or the military. He is supported via thousands and thousands of individuals and no longer afraid to talk the truth even if what he has to mention could also be unpopular.

4. He Doesn’t Like Killing People Meaning He Is Anti-War

Killing is bad, folks.  Just like the sixth Commandment, “You shall no longer murder.”  War and killing is a cop out for unhealthy planning and communication.  A lazy solution to remedy a problem is to kick someone’s ass.  Before you go to war, get on a plane, get head to head with that country’s chief and connect it.  A President who will put troops out the place he won’t pass himself to combat and die is a pussy.

5. He believes in the U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is over 200 years old.  It has created the most productive usa within the world. …

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