Aqsiq issued the future food additive production management requirements – LED FloodLights

In June this year ” Food Safety Law “promulgated since the country began Food Production to Sell Strong supervision and management of the entire process. At the same time in the near future, there have been relevant supporting rules and regulations promulgated one after another. According to the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Law and Regulations, Liu Zhaobin to China Economic Net said the AQSIQ is now looking for Food Additives Production management requirements.

Liu Zhaobin told China Economic Net Brand interview part “After the online interview,” an interview that the newly promulgated “Food Security Act,” compared to the past “Food Sanitation Law”, on food quality and safety supervision, more comprehensive , a more systematic and more rigorous. More emphasis on the inherent quality of food and human consumption of food quality on the future of human health, life, the impact will not. AQSIQ this one will further the whole process a full range of strengthening management.

“Food Safety Law” has been widely believed, on the food industry will play a strong role in oversight and management, and called as soon as possible the corresponding set of rules and regulations. In this regard, Liu Zhaobin by China Economic Net said the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection around the implementation of food safety law and its implementing regulations, are stepping up regulation and revision, including: rules and regulations related to certification and accreditation, such as the formulation of “food Detector Accreditation organization management approach “, amend” record export food production company regulations “and” imported food regulations for registration of foreign manufacturers “; involved in production supervision regulations, such as the formulation” Dairy products Manufacturer provides supervision and inspection “,” supervision and management of food production enterprises, “the” Food Production…

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