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I got my first Apple TV as a present; I was still working in television at the time, and my boss presented it to me as a (very, very generous) holiday gift. The supersleek, supermysterious object would quickly become something that I could not picture my life without. Not only did I use the second-generation device a lot for work, but it also meant that I no longer had to squint at my teeny-tiny laptop screen when I wanted to watch something on Netflix or Hulu, opening the floodgates of binge-watching that would remain constant for years to come. In the seven years that my Apple TV and I cohabitated together, I lived in three different boroughs of New York City, saw partners and friends come and go, and changed my career several times over. It was just in September of this year, 2017, that I tried its much, much younger sibling — the Apple TV 4K — and knew it was time to update my trusty partner in crime.

To be clear, I hadn’t ever even considered upgrading my old device. It worked perfectly, so why would I bother? But when I unboxed the 4K and got it up and running, I realized the light years of tech I had been missing out on. Therefore my experience isn’t one shaded by a side-by-side comparison, a judgment of what sets it above and beyond its competitors (or, for that matter, not). Instead, it’s one of awe and wonder — and of falling back in love with TV all over again thanks to the help of a device that’s roughly the size of a thick slice of bread.

Ahead, you’ll find some of my favorite functions of the Apple TV 4K. And if you’re in the market for a more thoughtful way to streamline all the many ways we get our entertainment these days and for things to be a little bit simpler in several of the most intuitive yet impossible ways, I promise you won’t be disappointed by the Apple TV 4K.

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The TV App

I’d always been curious about that “TV” app that appeared on my iPhone at some point…

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