Annual flowering vinca loves full sun, brings color

Now that our gardens and landscapes are heating up, it is the perfect time to plant annual flowering vinca. This beauty provides hot summer color you just can’t beat.

Annual flowering vinca is a solid performer in Mississippi gardens, so I always make sure to plant some in my landscape.

Botanically speaking, annual flowering vinca is Catharanthus rosea. In garden centers, the pot tags sometimes call it Madagascar periwinkle.

I know we all want to get summer color out as soon as possible, and garden centers offer many selections to tempt us to start planting. But planting too early before temperatures rise can set up the conditions for root disease.

Another common cause of failure is wet soil. Annual flowering vinca does not like to grow with wet feet. Some of the very best vinca plantings I have ever seen were growing in raised beds or containers.

The foliage of annual flowering vinca has a prominent rib in the middle of the dark-green, glossy leaves. The foliage color makes a great background for the outstanding flower color. These colors range from white to dark red,…

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