Anaheim Police Chief Files Claim Against City After “Overwhelming” Police Union Vote of No Confidence

Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada has filed a claim against the city alleging its policies “led directly to polarization” of the police department and resulted in 87 percent of police union voters deciding they had no confidence in the chief.

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait said Thursday he backs the chief despite the union vote.

The union claims Quezada has lost the trust of his officers and mishandled major incidents like last year’s Ku Klux Klan rally where several people were stabbed and arrested.

It called for his resignation, retirement or dismissal.

“There has been a hostile work environment for a long time in the department, and it is in a downward spiral,” the Anaheim Police Association (APA) said. “More items will only surface and it will only get worse for him and [the union] members unless he resigns, retires and/or is dismissed.”

In a statement, APA President Edgar Hampton said “This is not something you do to someone you work for; we respect the office, authority and chain of command. However, working for Chief Quezada has become near impossible and we are on a downward spiral.”

Quezada alleges in his claim, filed Aug. 4, several accounts of wrongdoing by a police captain who accused Quezada of time card fraud last year, and discrimination and neglect by city officials resulting in members of the police department being unable to place their trust in him.

As a result of actions by the city, he claims “Chief Quezada’s working conditions have become intolerable… While it was, of course, Chief Quezada’s plan and desire to end his law enforcement career with the City, the City’s actions and inactions have made this essentially impossible. ”

“The current Vote of No Confidence- no matter what the result – caused entirely by the City’s lack of action and/or improper actions have damaged Quezada’s earning capability, reputation, shattered his credibility and damaged his career (current and…

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