American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Review – What Makes It The Best Selling Toilet?

If you’re looking for the best toilet with high water efficiency and has a flushing power that doesn’t cost you much, the American Standard Cadet-3 Toilet is perfect for you. This two piece toilet is powerful that leaves you clog free even for years of usage.

A two piece toilet separates the bowl and tank that gives you the advantage of replacing only one part of it when broken. The Cadet 3 is available in round front and elongated for your total comfort. This is made of vitreous china, a ceramic fired at high temperature to form a non-porous body coated. A ceramic glazed body with a nicely white gloss for a great design, this may perfectly match your bathroom motif.

It features a 3-inch flush valve for a more powerful flushing power. To prove how good it performs, the Cadet-3 flushing system was awarded as the highest rating toilet. It can handle up to 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single flush. This shows how efficient this toilet without the needs for 2 flush and everything gets down.

The American Standard Cadet-3 FloWise uses a smart gravity design that delivers a high performance, engineered for stronger, more reliable flushing system. In addition to that is a 2-1/8 inch diameter siphon trapway which is larger than industry standard, as a result, there’s no chocked point with the help of 2 inch ball pass that makes it a total clogged free toilet. As a result, you get 60 percent more power that can move greater mass compare with a 2-inch trapway.

Aside from its powerful flushing system, surprisingly the water consumption is relatively low. It uses only 1.28GPF of water for every flush in which you can save more water compare to other 1.6GPF toilets. This will definitely cuts your monthly water bill and save you more bucks.

This toilet also features the EverClean Surface, both the tank and bowl is carefully treated. This involves a silver-ion additive mixed into its materials to protect it from mold, mildew, algae, and fungus that could cause deterioration or staining.

With the EverClean surface makes it easier for you to clean and stays clean longer, this saves your time from sweating with everyday cleaning. American Standard is giving a generously 5-year warranty for a worry free purchase and proves it worthy.

Product Features

A powerful Cadet-3 flushing system that provides an oversize 3-inch valve for a total clogged free toilet

High efficiency water for a very low water consumption with only 1.28GPF (gallon per flush) all the waste is gone without the need for a double flush

EverClean Surface is made of silver-ion additive that prevents the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria

Easy to clean and it stays that way for a longer time that doesn’t cause you sweat as well as less frequent cleaning


The American Standard Cadet-3 series toilet is packed with features that ensure the best quality you can have to bring you a clogged free toilet. Engineered with the most powerful Cadet-3 flushing system with oversize…

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